22 September, 2020

Math 2.1.0 – math plugin for XenForo 2


This addon will turn all LaTeX math on your forum to a fancy, sharp and scalable math!
It also adds the “Insert math” button to an editor that greately simplifies the process of adding math to your messages, threads, pages and so on. It also works with xenForo AJAX (loading content on the fly without page reloading) system!

This is an open source addon. You can visit GitHub repository for source code.

Math 2.1.0 – math plugin for XenForo 2

But if you want to

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  • Try beta versions
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Then you can support me on my Patreon!


Users can write math formulas and equations with LaTeX notation wich then will be turned to a fancy math by powerful MathJax engine. Here is how it works:


Two types of math are supported: inline and block math. Inline math is smaller and commonly used inside the text. In the image above the cosmological constant (green) is an example of inline math.

Block is bigger and is used for standalone big equations and formulas. In the image above the Einstein field equation (blue) is an example of block math.

All math is rendered as text and automatically inherits all its properties: color, line height, font size and so on. As a result you get scalable math that perfectly fits any style and color scheme:

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