21 October, 2020

[Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere 1.2.1

Compatible XF 2.x versions2.0Updates duration1 YearVisible brandingNoThis addon adds user’s user group CSS style everywhere on the forum !
[Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere | XenForo community
You can select locations through the AdminCP options ![Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere 1.2.1 [Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere – this XenForo 2 plugin allows you to format nicknames for the color of the group throughout the forum. You can select locations using the parameters in the admin panel! 

[Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere 1.2.1

  • Account visitor tab
  • Latest posts widget
  • All search results
  • Author of thread in thread list
  • Last post user of thread in thread list
  • Latest user in statistics widget
  • Last post of forum

Foro Agency Colored Username Everywhere

Latest updates

  1. Fixed bugWhen mentioning user anywhere, the dropdown menu would not show and causes an error
  2. New featuresAdded support for XenForo Resource Manager (XFRM) Resource List – Author Resource View – Author…
  3. XF2.1 UpdateAs XF updated his version to 2.1, some templates has changed and caused the addon not to work..

List of places for formatting:
– Account Visitor tab 
– Recent posts 
– All search results 
– Topic author in category 
– User last message in topic list – Users in statistics widgets 
– Recent forum posts

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