22 October, 2020

Cesium 2.0.10 – Premium Style XenForo 2

Cesium 2.0.10

Cesium 2.0.10 – Premium

​Caesium Style is put the name of Caesium element with symbol Cs and atomic number 55. Cesium 2.0.10 – Premium Style XenForo 2
Caesium Style with the main color of moss green and the black bar will inspire you into a new land. We choose to keep the menu as the same texture of other XenForo styles that we have designed before. We just changed the navigation bar as a trapeze to create a 3D space and put it under the background of sky. This small change is look like you are looking the design on your smartphone.


style XenForo 2 whose name is made in honor of the cesium element with the symbol Cs, atomic number 55. Cesium comes with the main color of green moss and black stripes.

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